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Fireplace Types

There are two major categories of fireplace: Fireplaces and Stoves.

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A modern Fireplace is a high-technology unit that is required to comply with stiff safety standards.

Some units are very basic and contain only mechanical parts, while others use advanced technology for heat circulation, oxygen sensors, remote control ignition, thermostats, ventilation methods and more.

The more classic and less common is the "External." A "Stove." It is a "Stand Alone" unit. A stove like this can be placed anywhere, long as it has a chimney to vent out the burned gases. Anyone who has seen classic Western movies has seen these in the Saloon or in a boudoir.

Stoves were usually fueled with Firewood or coal.

  • Fireplace Categories by Fuel type:

Fireplace fuels include several options: Firewood, Coal, Natural Gas and more.

A basic older Fireplace burns Firewood or Coal. Those fuels are harder to ignite, and pollute the air much more than other available fuels.

A typical modern Fireplace uses Natural Gas for fuel.

Natural gas advantages:

  • Clean burn
  • Availability in heavily populated areas such as big cities.
  • Ease of igniting and controlling the fire.

Still, it should be pointed out that burning wood in a Fireplace make people feel good. It is visually appealing and helps create a relaxed atmosphere!

Man-made or fabricated logs made of otherwise unusable wood waste products entered the market to offer convenience. The products are easier to light and burn longer and cleaner than natural wood logs, with little visible difference between the two.

In the 1960's a major step was taken to improve London's notoriously poor air quality. New laws were created to ban the burning of Firewood or Coal in a Fireplace. Within one decade the heavy smog was virtually eliminated from London's sky.

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